Technology & Strategy


The heart of the fund is the fully automated, self-developed trading robot. This bot uses Fundamental, Technical and Event data that is constantly compared to each other. These results are compared to historical data to find out the validity of certain data under certain conditions.

This approach enables razor-sharp predictions with a hit rate of 85-95%. To ensure our trades always come first, only the fastest programming languages on the fastest systems are used. These also have enough computing power to handle periods of high volatility with up to a 24-fold increase in trading volume.


As a macro economic fund our fund does not own any stocks or bonds. Our fund trades 100-fold leveraged futures or CFDs only. The reason are better trading hours (23 hours), which reduce sudden price drops to a minimum even when using leveraged instruments.

Our asset classes are forex (50% weighted), stock indices (25% weighted) and commodities (25% weighted). Which markets of the asset classes are used depends on their volatility and correlation of each other and should be as low as possible. As all other trading activities are automated, these are the only decisions made by hand.