Terms of service

Subject and Scope

The Octenfund ibc (later called: “hedge fund”) provides asset management services under the terms and conditions of the present contract. By signing up on octenfund.com the client agrees to this contract and to do a payment of at least 10.000$ and delegates the power of attorney over it to the hedge fund, so it is able to make self-determined investment decisions in certain capital markets, to achive capital gains.

Risk and Liability

The client agrees that the hedge fund cannot guarantee any future capital gains and is not liable for any financial losses. Such losses could be caused but not limited to:
  • Fast and serious market shifts
  • Bankruptcy of brokers or banks used by the hedge fund
  • Outages or similar kind of technology failures of:
    • Our own infrastructure
    • Infrastructure of broker(s) used by the hedge fund
    • Infrastructure of the exchange(s) used by the broker(s)
Each client must act according to his own financial situation and invest an amount he can afford to lose.


The hedge fund does not charge any management fee. A performance fee of 25% is charged instead and only applies when a new performance mark was reached. The performance fee will be deducted off the performance at the end of a year.

Payments and Paybacks

An initial investment has to be at least 10.000$, paid by the following crypto-currencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ether, Litecoin, Monero, USDcoin or USDtether. If additional investments are made, those funds (could be less than 10.000$) will be added to the portfolio over the next month. When the hedge fund generated capital gains, the half of it will be paid out to each client on the first of each January. A payout is calculated as follows: CapitalGains x 0.75 (deduction due performance fee) : 2 = Payout Amount

Taxation and Anti Money Laundering

All clients have access to their own annual invoices. These statements show profits and losses of each year and must be filed to the local tax authority by the client. We do not report invoices to the tax authorities, so the client is obliged to do so. All funds which are transferred to us must be personal savings or liabilities by third party funds. All payments and paybacks are made to the Crypto address provided by the customer.

Privacy and Data Protection

The hedge fund only takes the bare minimum of personal data (email, password, recovery question, country) to identify and communicate with an investor. In no case will this information, including financial transactions, be passed on to third parties. Other data such as IP addresses and cookies are only recorded as long as a customer is logged in, without further any evaluation.

Duration, Termination and Amendments of the Contract

This investment contract between the hedge fund and a client is not limited in time. However, it can be terminated by either party up to 3 months before the renewal by new year. In the event of termination, the remaining investment capital and capital gains are paid out on the first of January. The account with all personal data will then be deleted. Records of transactions must be retained for seven years for regulatory reasons. Before any amendments of this contract will be done, all clients will be notified and granted a special right of termination.

22.05.2023 Victoria Seychelles